Expert in digital voice processing, CandyVoice offers software to facilitate and improve vocal communication between people and communicating objects.

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Customize your devices of augmentative and alternative vocal communication by integrating in them your users' personal vocal model

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Noise filtering

Improve the quality of your users' communications in noisy environment with our noise filter.

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Robots & Communicating objects

Improve communication with robots through voice conversion, customized TTS, and noise filtering

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Video games

Enhance the gaming experience by integrating vocal conversion of character’s voice in real time, and the TTS customizing

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Voice imitation

Customize the voices used in your products and services, and enrich the sensory experience of your users.


Voice transformation

Control all voice settings, and create a wide range of fantastic and original voices easily and in real time.


Noise reduction

Improve the quality of communication for your users, and enhance the voice recognition performance of your systems by removing all ambient noises.

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About us

Software & Applications

CandyVoice offers professionnals digital voice processing SDKs for products like: communication tools, robots, video games, toys, numeric radios, smartphones, TV shows, connected things etc.

Research & Development

CandyVoice will involve all its expertise into consulting, creation or improvement of a digital voice processing product and service, along with support in the integration of the patented CandyVoice software suite MUVOC®

Voice model creation

CandyVoice technology allow you to create a voice model from a voice recording, to convert it real time from another voice or from a synthetic voice like text-to-speech. Recording tools are available for professionals and individuals.

Digital voice processing expertise

CandyVoice offers professional tools to give you control on every digital voice processing aspect. They improve communication between people and connected objects thanks to imitation, transformation, noise filtering, voice synthesis etc. And all this is realtime!

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