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Expert in digital voice processing, CandyVoice has developed a Real-Time Voice Imitation technology that is unique in the world. It allows you to customize the generic voices of all communicating objects, and also to save the voices of people affected by the loss of voice due to health problems.

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My Custom Voice

The digital voices building service is destined to the people concerned by the voice or speech use loss, as well as the general public. My Custom Voice allows you to build your voice model from sentences, or from simple words, and then customize, with your voice, the generic voices of Text-To-Speech systems.

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For professionnals

We offer the ability to customize the generic Text To Speech voices with the voices of the users of your products and services. Very easy and quick to implement (via API, SDK, or mobile application), this feature allows you to add to your device a fun aspect, and possibly to provide additional options

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Listen to a Human voice imitation

Listen to a Personality's Voice imitation

Robots and communicating objects

In this era where voice is becoming a new interface between man and machine, CandyVoice's technology enables to customize quickly and easily generic Text-To-Speech voices of all products and services based on voice interaction.

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Video games

Thanks to Candyvoice imitation technology players can vocaly animate the various game characters with their voice in realtime. This process deepens the player’s immersion in the game's world, and enhances his sensory experience.

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Our voice imitation technology offers a highly efficient solution to save voice of people who may loose its use due to upcoming surgery. Afterwards, they can communicate with their own voice via Augmentative & Alternative Communication devices. We can also create and give back voice to persons who have already lost its use.

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CandyVoice’s technology can be used as a very efficient and economical voice management solution that enables to create the voice model of an interpreter to perpetuate the use of his voice, to customize a Text-To-Speech system with different voices, to imitate the voice of an interpreter by another performer, or to create custom voices.

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